Complete any of these activities below to earn 5 points each!


Remember, when you complete each activity,

Text your finished project to Route Scouts at (931) 704 3787

or Email us at


1. Make a list of reasons why you are thankful this holiday season!

2. List each person in your family, and tell why you are thankful to have them in your lives!

3. Take a family photo!

4. Do something nice for each member of your family!

5. Call an old friend or a family member you haven’t seen in a while and tell them why you are thankful for them!

6. Take a photo of Thanksgiving decor!

7. Read a book about Thanksgiving and tell us a little about it!

8. Learn something about Native Americans!

9. Learn about the Pilgrims!

10. Make a map illustrating the Pilgrims’ route to America.

11. Make a Thanksgiving-themed art project!

12. Visit a historic site related to Pilgrims or Native Americans.

13. Learn how to say Thank You in different languages.

14. Tell how you could help a family that has just moved into a new town.

15. Do something nice for a stranger!

16. Draw a picture of a Thanksgiving Meal!

17. Prepare a menu for your ideal Thanksgiving Feast!

18. Tell us where you’ll be going for the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend!

19. Find some animal tracks and send us a photo!

20. Donate to or volunteer with a charity that helps feed the hungry!

21. WILD CARD! Think of something, and show us what you did!


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